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Open International contest–festival of choreographic art

Москва, с 17 по 22 октября 2017

  • Open International contest–festival of choreographic art is held in city of Moscow, Russian Federation, from 17th to 22nd of October, 2017.


    Organizer of the contest is Committee For the Development of the Youth Creativity Foundation of cultural and educational programmes "Open Sea". The contest – festival is based on a territory of Health Complex “Vatutinki” - Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation.




    • Discovery and all-round support of new talents in the sphere of arts;

    • Preservation and development of cultural heritage of multinational culture of Russia and other countries of the world;

    • Development of patriotism and tolerance;

    • Upbringing and development of artistic and aesthetic taste of children and young people;

    • Sharing experiences between collectives, mentors and teachers, upgrading of their professional skills by conducting seminars, round-tables and master classes, their collaboration within festival movement;

    • Media exposure of children and young people creativity.




    • Festival may host children, youngsters and adult artistic collectives as well as independent performers from Russia, CIS and other countries;

    • Registration fee and participation is free of charge;

    • Official tour-operator of festival provides services of accommodation, meals, transfers and excursion programs;

    • Participants from Moscow, Russia and others without need of accommodation pay  accreditation fee for each person, mentor and accompanying persons. Accreditation gives opportunity to take part in all festival activities;

    • All additional information concerning cost of travel packages is available at touroperator website:;

    • Representatives of administrations and culture departments, press representatives, sponsors, etc. may attend the festival on the usual terms.




    The contest–festival may approve creative collectives and soloists within 5 age categories:  

    • Under 7 years old;

    • 7-10 years old;

    • 11-13 years old;

    • 14-18 years old;

    • over 18 years old.


    Within each age category its permitted no more than 30% of participants younger or older of above mentioned grades.

     Contest performances are held in front of spectators.


    Performances in nomination choreography (solo, duet, dance troupe, minor forms) may be represented in the following genres:


    • Children’s dance;  

    • Classic dance;

    • Folk dance and folk styled dance;

    • Pop dance;

    • Contemporary and free dance (modern, jazz-modern, contemporary, hip hop, popping, locking, scenic brake dance, house, etc.)

    • Free plastic dance;

    • Ballroom and sport dance.




    Participation in contest-festival means taking part in one nomination, one age category, one group category. Those collectives with over 10 participants may take part in two nominations. The number of participants in collective is not limited.

    Internally within one performance:

    - Soloists and small forms represent contest performance consisting of one concerted item, with duration no more than 5 minutes.

    - Ensembles represent contest performances consisting of two different concert items with the total duration no more than 10 minutes.  


    Contest-festival is held from 17th to 22nd of October, 2017 onsite of Subdivision of Federal State Budgetary institution  Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation – Health Complex “Vatutinki”.

     It’s located in sanctuary forest in the area of 146ha on the side of Desna River. In the grounds of complex there is a scenically attractive landscape, fresh air, swimming pools, recreation zones, sports facilities and game zones.


    Within the contest-festival program participants should expect:       

    - running contest events and rewarding of participants, gala-concert of winners of contest-festival;

    - intensive educational program from quialified choreographers and tutors;

    - certificates and diplomas of master class completion;

    - round-tables with representatives of Ministry of culture;


    Check-in and registration on 17th and 19th of October;

    Rehearsals, excursions and master classes according to proposed program will be held on 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st of October;

    Contest performances on 20th and 21st of October;

    Rewarding and gala-concert – on 21st of October;

    Check-out and departure on 22nd of October.


    Outstanding Russian dancer, soloist of the Bolshoi Theatre, ballet master, choreographer, theatrical director, teacher and art director of "The Russian ballet" theatre. His high creative achievements are World wide known


    Russian actor, film director, choreographer. Egor was a judge and mentor in the show "Dances" on the federal TV-channel TNT. Since March, 2017 is a judge of the show "Everybody Dance!" on Russia-1 TV-channel.


    Солист ГААНТ Игоря Моисеева, педагог, хореограф, декан балетмейстерского факультета ГИТИС.


    Танцовщица, хореограф. Участница проекта Танцы на ТНТ, 1 сезон и битва сезонов, топ 10. На данный момент является участницей танцевально-пластического спектакля Ляйсан Утяшевой "Bolero".


    Основатель глянцевого журнала Bonjour

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