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In modern Russia, with profound socioeconomic transformations, there is a kind of gap between the literate and systematic approach of the subjects of management of the sphere of culture that ensures the effectiveness of its functioning and the insufficiency of the level of information, technological and legal culture of certain managers and specialists of specific institutions, especially remote from the center.

Institutions of professional and additional education of various levels, types and types partially solve this problem through training, retraining and organization of professional development of specialists. But, they are engaged in education and training for the most part at the theoretical, methodological and applied level and practically do not solve the system problems of specific institutions. Often a problem seminar or a master class is a more effective tool and, in some way, a catalyst for effective and qualitative changes in the work. In addition, it is the unity of the problem field of participants in such events that provides a comprehensive review of certain situations.

The Foundation provides an opportunity to raise the level of technological and information-methodical culture of managers and specialists in social and cultural activities with the issuance of certificates and diplomas confirming the improvement of the level of qualification.

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